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My company awarded the diagnosis of infectious diseases microparticle direct chemiluminescence reagent entire department approval number


    July 1, Wei Gao biotechnology companies awarded automatic chemiluminescent approval number of infectious diseases nine countries, has become the exclusive, world's second home has a full range of infectious diseases, automatic product approval number of particles business. The product uses direct chemiluminescence, its advanced technology and Abbott, Johnson & Johnson and other international famous brands at the same level. Among them, the hepatitis C virus antibodies, Treponema pallidum antibody detection reagent obtained national invention patent.
     Biotechnology companies as national "Eleventh Five-Year" major science and technology commitments enterprises, successfully developed a full product range of infectious diseases, for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and other major infectious diseases has important practical significance to the development and improvement of inspection techniques level has a huge role in promoting.

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